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Driving Permit In Vietnam


Itinerary: Driving Permit In Vietnam

According to the Vietnam road traffic laws, all the car drivers and motorbike riders must have a permit while driving or riding. Since 2016, the International Driving Permit is available and accepted in Vietnam.

There are two types of International Driving Licenses can be used in Vietnam. Please check the list and find out what type you should need for driving in Vietnam.

1. IDP – International Driving Permit. This type of license can easily be obtained from your home country by the National Transport Department. IDP international driver’s license is a small white book, which includes a list of 85 countries that have acceded to the 1968 Vienna Convention. When using this IDP in Vietnam, your original driver’s license must be attached. This type of license is only allowed to use in 85 countries (see the list below)

List of the countries allowed to use IDP to drive or ride in Vietnam



2. IAA International Driver’s License: Issued by the IAA, The International Automobile Association of America, this license is accepted in 196 countries and territories. Compared with IDP (International Driver’s License), this IAA has a larger number of countries allowed to use, and very convenient especially for the travellers from Australia, American, Canadian. This License is intended for the use of foreigners who come to Vietnam with the purpose of visiting relatives, tourism, with 6 months or up to 1 year of visiting duration. It is not accepted for local people and foreign Expats living in Vietnam. A foreign tourist is only required to have in possession a driving license of their own country to acquire an IAA License and drive freely in the license’s designated country.

List of the countries allowed to use IAA to drive/ride in Vietnam.


To convert your home country driving licence into IAA, You just need documents as below:

  1. Your original home country driving permit (photos of both front and back sides).
  2. Your passport (the main page with your picture) or ID card (both sides).
  3. Your photo: the size of 4×6 cm (if you don’t have one ready at hand, you can take a phone’s camera picture of yourself standing with your back against a wall) to put on the license.
  4. Your signature: Please sign with a bold pend on a white piece paper and then take a picture of it).
  5. Provide your full name, address, and phone number.

This IAA license can be easily obtained online, or if you want a help from us, just send us all the documents listed above, we can do it for you from Vietnam. The cost to convert your home driving license into IAA is 120USD/1 license, and can be done within 6 working days. All the documents should be sent to us at least 10 days before you come to Vietnam.

Contact us if you have any issues on license, we’re more than happy to be your assistance.


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